Chemical and process engineering studia stacjonarne I stopnia (inżynierskie)

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Chemical and Process Engineering | BSc | 3,5 years | Full-time | English

The graduate has general knowledge of mathematical-natural sciences and technical sciences. He understands and is able to use basic principles and physical laws that underlie chemical and process engineering to solve technical problems, including: principles of mass, energy and momentum balancing, laws of equilibrium (chemical and phase), laws of process kinetics. The graduate understands the course of processes at stationary and non-stationary state as well as the basics of processes control and safe processes conduction. He can plan and do research, use measuring instruments and interpret the obtained results.

He knows the basic methods, techniques and tools used to solve simple engineering tasks in the field of chemical and process engineering, in particular: principles of process and apparatus design, computational and simulation techniques, typical commercially available design supporting programs. Graduates can elaborate their own simple calculation programs, can use professional literature and databases and can prepare the calculation of process costs. The graduate is prepared to take a professional job in the chemical industry and related industries - in positions related to the running and organization of production processes as well as design offices and consulting companies. The graduate has a knowledge of a foreign language at the B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages of the Council of Europe. The graduate has ingrained habits of continuous education and is prepared to undertake second-degree studies or appropriate post-graduate studies.